Dear Candle Lover,

To ensure that our quality candles bring you pleasure for a long time, please observe the following instructions:

  • If the flame begins to flicker, use a pair of scissors to shorten the wick in order to avoid smoke. Ideally, the wick should be between 3/8″ and 5/8″ long while it is burning.
  • Burning candles are a fire hazard that must be cared for and never left unattended.
  • Use a special lighter (Spaghetti), if the wick of the candle cannot be reached with a normal lighter or match.
  • Dripping candles should be extinguished and relit after the wax hardens.
  • Always place candles on a non-flammable surface as uneven or incomplete burning (dripping) can never be completely excluded.
  • Candles never burn straight and quietly in a draft, even non-drip candles begin to smoke or to drip.
  • Never extinguish burning candles with water.
  • To extinguish the flame, dip it into the burning candle’s liquid wax and lift it out again. Then, it is primed for the next lighting.
  • If the flame threatens to “die”, carefully pour out a little liquid wax but never do this by making a hole in the candle.
  • A burning wick can be carefully bent sideways if the candle starts to burn on one side. Never bend or even break a wick that has become rigid.
  • Never place candles in close proximity to flammable material.
  • A least 4” should separate burning candles from one another. Avoid grouping too many burning candles together.
  • Do not move burning candles. Only relocate candles when the wax has hardened.
  • The liquid wax pool should be kept clean, i.e. no used matches, pieces of burned wick, etc.
  • Candle residue can either be melted down and cast into new candles, or made into wax sand using a kitchen grater.
  • Never place a candle near a radiator or a chimney.
  • Wax residue on the candlestick is easier to remove after the candle has been placed in the freezer for about one hour.
  • Spots of wax can be removed from textiles using an iron warmed to the temperature appropriate for the material and absorbent paper.
  • Spots of wax on furniture can be effectively removed by warming with a hair-drier and soaking up with a paper towel while liquid. Clean afterwards with vinegar diluted with water.
  • Clean dusty candles with a fuss-free cloth saturated with spirit.
  • Candles stored in the freezer for a short time burn longer.
  • Enjoy nice hours by romantic candlelight.

Your Austrian Atelier Team